Pamela JohnsonHappinessUnites Gear is the Secret Society of Happy People fun stuff.

If you aren’t familiar with the Secret Society of Happy People, we started in 1998 because the question of one inquiring mind – mine – “Where are all of the happy people?”

Our history is too long to write here, but you might have heard about Happiness Happens Month in August, Hunt for Happiness Week in January, or our 31 Types of Happiness. Check out our website: for more happy details.

The Society’s purpose is happily simple:

  1. Encourage people to recognize and talk more about their happiness; and since happy people have manners they listen to other people talk about being happy too
  2. Create places for happy people to connect
  3. Remind people that #HappinessUnites – I’m even taking a tour to show all of the places and experiences where we are united by happy moments

Sending you peace, love, and lots of happy,

Pamela Gail Johnson
Secret Society of Happy People